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"All I want to say is.....most of you who know Deanna already know this but it bears mentioning.GREAT actress,Pro, Pro, Pro and so nice to have on set....this is what people who are aspiring in this game should shoot for.


Director: Rich Baderinwa

“Deanna nailed it, delivered the exact performance I was hoping to get out of this character.  She hit every emotional high and low and took the story to a new level of excellence.”

Director: Gunter S.

"Deanna has produced & hosted several of our videos, she's always wanting to do more, go above and beyond what she was hired to do. We will certainly be hiring her again!"

President of Durable Slate: John Chan

“That was some great acting!”

Director: Michael Radford of “Elsa and Fred"

“Working with Deanna as both an actress and director was an amazing experience, she slips right into the role and owns it and maintains a professionalism even when the stress gets high on set”.

JW Mesenheimer “Cinamatographer”

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